This summer, I worked as a paid-intern at the Citrus County Chronicle.  As a junior reporter, I wrote local stories, conducted interviews, accompanied other reporters on their assignments, and occasionally took pictures at events.  I mainly wrote human-interest stories, so I interviewed a lot of people from local non-profit organizations, including the Key Training Center, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mission United, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Citrus County YMCA, and Take Stock in Children.  I also wrote feature stories on individuals around the community, including local business owners, students, and veterans.  I think the practical experience of going out into the community, meeting and interviewing people, and writing multiple stories on a deadline has helped me grow professionally and personally.  I believe my writing has improved, and I’ve become more comfortable with meeting new people and presenting myself in a professional manner.  Furthermore, I’ve also gotten the privilege to observe and shadow the senior reporters I worked with; from reading their news stories and watching their interviews, I was better able to develop my own journalism skills.  I found the Chronicle staff to be very supportive during my internship.  They offered continued guidance, whether I had a question about a story lead or how I should approach certain people during an interview, and they encouraged me to pursue journalism further after my two-month internship.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I look forward to coming back to work as a correspondent as I finish my undergraduate education.