In my time as a newspaper intern I have learned so much. How connected small towns are, and how quickly news spreads to people thanks to organizations like our own. I didn’t come into the Calhoun-Liberty Journal expecting very much other than it was a good place to start working as I started college, but it has led to  an experience I won’t ever forget.

There are so many behind the scenes things that go on at a newspaper. As a kid I would always see my grandparents reading the local news and never think twice about how the thing actually came to be. Since working here I’ve learned that there is a lot more work than one would expect to make a nice cohesive newspaper that people will want to pick up and read.

I’ve learned how to go through our email and get news stories worth going in the paper. I’ve learned how people can get pretty fussy if they don’t have their papers for the week! I’ve learned how helpful law enforcement offices or agencies can be when trying to get information on arrests or accidents. Most of all I’ve learned not to take Journalists and Photographers, and really anyone who works for a newspaper, for granted.

I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to learn what exactly goes into making a newspaper. The ins and outs of taking information that is given to us and turning it into a story that thousands of eyes will see when the newspaper prints. It’s been nice to go from a kid who thought that making a newspaper was easy, to an adult who has learned that not everything is always as it seems.