Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute


ADMISSION CRITERIA: Applicants may submit themselves or be submitted by another newspaper professional. Applicants should have a minimum of two years of experience, or equivalent experience in the newspaper industry or in management.

PARTICIPATION: Attendance is expected at each session. The participant will get the maximum benefit out of this program by attending all sessions. In the event of emergencies, or unavoidable absences, students will be provided with any handout materials.

COST: $300. This includes all four sessions (does not include travel, meals, etc.)

For more information contact Karen Tower at ktower@flpress.com or (321) 283-5345.

Session 1

July 19, 2023
Westin Resort Sarasota

Session 2

August 2023
Lake Mary , FL

Session 3

September 2023
Gainesville, FL

Session 4

October 2023
Tallahassee, FL